Level 2 Electrician Sydney

When an electrical emergency occurs, it is time to call an emergency level-2 electrician near you. In Sydney and surrounding areas, Paul’s Electrical is the go-to level-2 electrician of choice thanks to our prompt service, expertise in all kinds of electrical works, and leading customer service policy.

Electrical emergencies are always time-sensitive, which is why you need an electrician who responds promptly no matter where you are. Whatever the issue, Paul’s Electrical in the Sydney area and its surroundings has got you covered.

Some of the problems we fix include:

  • Blown and burning fuses.
  • Power blackouts due to storms, accidents, fallen poles, etc.
  • Blown power, both lights and outlets.
  • Loose and exposed cables.
  • Faulty switchboard.
  • Faulty fuses, breakers, and safety switches.
  • Household or community power outage.
  • Burning fuse, cables, or smoking connections.
  • Smoke and alarm disconnection.
  • Malfunctioning appliance.
  • Malfunctioning HVAC system.
  • Malfunctioning water heating system.

All these and many other problems with your residential electrical system can severely impact your day or night. Paul’s Electrical is available for 24/7 emergency level-2 electrical service in Sydney and surrounding areas. Call us or book a prompt professional visit to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Who Is a Level-2 Electrician and What Do They Do

You might be wondering what a level-2 emergency electrician does. In Sydney and Australia, a level-2 electrician is licenced and authorised to carry out installations, repairs, and maintenance work on all residential and business premises.

They also work on the power supply lines between the premises and the

electrical network. That includes connection and disconnection to the electrical grid, installation of electrical meters, and rectification of all major power faults. Paul’s Electrical in Sydney has a team of highly qualified, professional, and experienced electricians who can deal with all kinds of level-2 electrical issues quickly and efficiently.

When Do You Need a Level-2 Technician In Sydney

It is hard to tell when you need a level-2 technician. Sometimes, small problems arise from large unseen faults. A blown light could be as a result of a short-circuit in the main fuse box. Our advantage as level-2 electricians is that we can resolve significant issues that residential electricians can’t.

Compared to their lower-level peers, level-2 electricians such as Paul’s Electrical can deal with higher-level faults such as power faults affecting your main’s switchboard, glowing fuses, short-circuits, emergency disconnections, among others.

Other major electrical work that Paul’s Electrical is happy to do for you includes:

  • Installation, servicing, and replacement of all types of power points.
  • Disconnection/reconnection of power supply to the electrical network.
  • Upgrade of your supply to 3-phase.
  • Emergency disconnection caused by accidents, storms, among others.
  • Household fault-finding.
  • Household safety checks and maintenance.
  • Emergency replanting of power poles downed by storms or accidents.
  • Fix damages to your premises caused by floods or storms.
  • Installation and fixing of sensor lights, stoves, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Installation and servicing of hot water systems.

among many others!

Paul’s Electrical is always more than ready to help you deal with any electrical fault such as an outlet fault, a blown light, or a bad fuse. Whatever the problem is, Paul’s Electrical is here for you. If in doubt, just call or leave us a query at Paul’s Electricals.

24-Hour Emergency Technician in Sydney

The team at Paul’s Electrical is proud to be a 24-hour emergency response team for the whole of Sydney and its environs. We know that electrical faults strike at the most inconvenient times, which is why we make it part of our policy to always respond promptly.

No matter the weather, the time of day or night, day of the year or season, Paul’s is always ready to heed your call. We understand that sometimes, an electrical fault can mean so much as to cost a job, an expensive appliance, a whole house, or even a life. We take our work very seriously.

As the premier level-2 emergency electrical service providers in Sydney, we promise the following:

  • Timely response, every time. Once we receive your call or online booking, our team will arrive promptly on-site, diagnose the problem, and fix it at once.
  • Quality service. Our highly-skilled experts are veterans at the job and will sort out your problem as non-intrusively as possible. Our high work ethic ensures that we always get the job done the right way.
  • First-class customer service. At Paul’s Electrical, we value our customers. We are always polite, professional, and kind.
  • Safety first. We always ensure that we leave your home safe and secure from all kinds of faults, as well as taking maximum precautions in the course of our work.

Top-rated Level-2 Emergency Technician In Sydney

At Paul’s Electrical, we have built a high reputation for reliability and quality service in all of Sydney and its environs. Our happy customers keep coming back again and again, a testimony of our first-class services.

Our track record of happy and satisfied customers speaks for itself. And unlike other ‘commercialised’ electrical services providers, we keep ours private and personal to ensure we give the best.

Paul’s Electrical provides emergency level-2 electrical services in the whole Sydney area, including areas like:

  • Western Sydney
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • North West/North East Sydney
  • South Sydney
  • Inner North Sydney
  • Sydney CBD
  • Sydney City
  • The Hills District
  • Inner West Sydney

Wherever you are in Sydney or its environs, contact Paul’s Electrical the moment you suspect an electrical fault. All you need to do is provide your name, address, and contacts, a brief description of the problem, and we will come to you.

Reach out to Paul’s level-2 electricians for any emergency electrical problems in the Sydney area and experience our top-rated quality service. You can call or book online any time, any day, any season, thanks to our 24/7 dedicated emergency service.


  1. Can I call at night?

    Yes! Paul’s Electrical emergency service is open at any time of night or day, no matter the time, weather, or season.

  2. How much will it cost me to book?

    Every type of electrical job is different, so there is no fixed price. Once we’re on-site and have assessed the situation, we will be happy to discuss a favourable quote with you.

  3. When should I call a level-2 emergency electrician?

    Every time! Unless you’re very sure about the issue at hand, always call highly qualified and experienced electricians so that the problem can be solved at the root. If you detect any faults, smells, sparks, or unusual activity, it’s time to call Paul’s!

  4. Do you also offer routine maintenance and installation?

    Yes! Even if your issue is not an immediate emergency, Paul’s is happy to help you with it. Our wide area of expertise allows us to work all kinds of installations, servicing, maintenance, safety checks, and more.

  5. Can you work with the supply cables from the pole?

    Paul’s licenced level-2 electricians can legally connect/disconnect the power supply, install meters, service or install overhead and supply cables, and more.

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