Smoke Alarm & Detector Installation

Safety first with smoke alarm installation from Paul’s Electrical Services

Smoke alarms are an important safety feature in every building, yet they are frequently neglected. Paul’s Electrical Services can help with smoke alarm installation in your home or business, ensuring that your smoke alarms are installed in accordance with state regulations and wired up correctly. Paul’s Electrical Services work to the highest professional standards to ensure each job is completed quickly and efficiently, which is very important when it comes to smoke detector installation. Don’t take any chances with smoke alarm installation, let Paul’s Electrical Services take care of it for you.

Residential smoke alarm installation

Currently all households in New South Wales are required to have a minimum of one fully functional smoke alarm, but the recommendation is to have more. Additional smoke alarm installation is easy, and multiple smoke alarms mean you have a backup in case one alarm fails. It also means a quicker response in the unfortunate event of a fire, giving the occupants of your household more time to act. Why take a risk on smoke alarms when they could be the difference between needing a new carpet and needing a new house? If you are worried about your fire alarm, want to install additional smoke detectors or do not already have a fire alarm in your home then give Paul’s Electrical Services a call. Residential smoke alarm installation is affordable and will keep your home safe.

Commercial smoke detector installation in NSW

If you run a business or commercial venture you are subject to additional regulations when it comes to smoke detector installation. Depending on the number of floors and the type of commercial space, regulations can be complex. Instead of risking fines and potentially compromising safety, have your smoke detectors professionally installed. Everyone at Paul’s Electrical Services is highly trained and has years of experience. When you use our smoke alarms installation service you know that everything will be installed correctly in accordance with the applicable regulations on smoke alarm installation in your commercial space or place of business. We provide a very responsive service, so give us a call the moment you suspect your smoke alarms need attention.


  1. Do I need an electrician to install a smoke detector?

    If you are installing or maintaining a hard wired (mains powered) smoke alarm, then it must be installed by a licensed electrician. While an electrician is not required for a battery powered smoke alarm installation it is always recommended.

  2. How much does smoke detector installation cost?

    The cost of a smoke alarm installation can vary depending on the type of alarm, how many you are installing, and what wiring work needs to be carried out.

  3. Will a smoke alarm eventually stop chirping?

    Without intervention, a chirping smoke alarm will not stop unless the battery drains and the alarm no longer functions. A chirping smoke alarm should be tested and if necessary, replaced. Call Paul’s Electrical Services and we will provide assistance to make sure all your alarms are working correctly.

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